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Welcome to the Texas wrongful death lawyer blog. This blog is intended to provide news and information concerning wrongful death litigation in Texas and across the United States.

Some of the posts will be related to stories in the news of particular interest and other posts will relate to resources available to victims families.

In the era of “tort reform” it is hoped that reading stories of real families losses can bring home that any family can lose a loved one at the drop of a hat. Unintended accidents can happen at any time and in split seconds. Unlike some personal injuries, the families of the wrongful death victim suffer a permanent and irreversible loss.

It is also hoped that by bringing home stories of real-life tragedies that people will embrace some regulations that enhance safety and save lives. Without necessary regulations and protections of the public our society would revert to the old wild west which may sound attractive to some right up until they lose a loved one from their family due to the negligence or recklessness of another.

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Selecting a Nursing Home

Parents of preschoolers can find a wealth of information about the proper way to choose childcare. However, those in search of elder-care may be at a loss as to what to look for in a nursing home. What follows are some guidelines that should make the process simpler:
*Always start by checking public sites about the nursing homes you are considering. Do they have any complaints or lawsuits on file? Have they been rated somewhere for the quality of their programming and service? Is the staff ‘vetted’?
*Does the facility accept Medicare patients? What are the payment expectations? (Some nursing homes require that you turn over the patient’s assets in one form or another in exchange for long-term care).
*Plan to spend a day at the facility. Take particular note of how the staff interacts with patients – especially those who seem totally unable to fend for themselves.
*What is the food like? Are there alternative menus? What accommodations are made for those on special diets?
*What other ‘guest services’ are available? Do they have social programming? Do they have bus services to local shopping areas? Do they hold religious services?
Finally, be sure to inquire about their security systems. This includes such things as to how they would handle a patient who has a tendency to wander and how to ensure their loved one is treated respectfully and with care by the staff.
Taking the time to find the ‘right fit’ for a nursing home ensures long-term peace of mind for everyone.